David Aptsiauri: A Brief Analysis on Culture and Etiquette in Modern Business Relations — Basics, Importance and Comparison

  我校格鲁吉亚中心的David Aptsiauri教授在知名期刊《Journal of WTO and China》上发表一篇文章。


  David Aptsiauri指出,文化维度知识在现代国际商务关系中的重要性日益提高。发展中国家(主要是亚洲)新兴市场的开放、信息技术的发展和贸易的发展为全球经济东西方伙伴关系创造了更好的机遇。在David Aptsiauri看来,人们低估了商业关系中文化成分的具体方面,尤其是当参与者的数量、国家和地区的地理位置以及商业文化体验的范围不断扩大时。对这一课题的深入研究,必将有助于现代商业文化的完善,降低政府和企业层面商业活动失败的风险。



  The author of the article underlines the increased importance of knowledge of cultural dimensions in modern international business relations considering wider and narrower (practical) approaches to this topic. Openness of newly emerging markets in developing countries, primarily in Asia, development of informational technologies and trade created better opportunities for global economic East-West partnership in parallel. Regarding the author’s opinion, there is an underestimation of specific aspects of cultural components of business relations, especially when the number of actors, geography of countries and regions and the range of business cultural experience are steadily expanding. Further study of the mentioned topic will definitely contribute to the improvement of modern business culture and lessen the risk of failed business activity both at the governmental and corporate levels.